Thursday, August 16, 2007


Lisboa 2007

Dia de Graça.


K said...

Gosto deste contra luz. Tá bonito.

Rui Luís Lima said...

olá perdidamente!
os domingos oferecem-nos aqueles momentos de lazer que tanto gostamos, passear pela cidade, seja ela Paris, Londres, Lisboa ou S.Francisco é um eterno prazer.
gostamos da foto:)
beijinhos e bom fim-de-semana
paula e rui lima

Nicolas Lelièvre said...

Nice pictures here!
Obrigado, Catarina, I'm glad you liked our little movie. Sorry to answer you that late, but there's not much to know about the technique I used to shoot it. It's a regular stop motion animation film, made with a standard photo camera and a tripod. The technique is as old as cinema itself: you just have to decompose movements in a series of steps and make a picture for every step. The more steps you have, the more precise the result will be. That's it! No other special effect...
Have fun doing your clip (but maybe it's done already!)